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Stay Alert by Adding the Latest Commercial Security Systems

Alarm.com: An all-in-one security solution for your business

Commercial security systems are formed by combining several technologies together. The end goal is to ensure your business stays safe from all internal and external threats. 

Today, you can find countless security systems with business monitoring and access control capabilities, but all pale in comparison to Alarm.com. 

Alarm.com is a one-stop-shop solution that can cover all aspects of commercial security, making it a must-have addition for all businesses. Read on to discover how it can benefit your company in Rhinebeck, NY, when paired with professional monitoring services. 

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Smart Surveillance System

Alarm.com offers smart surveillance technology that’s unlike any other. The machine learning algorithm is intuitive and can quickly learn routine activities that occur at your business. 

But whenever something out of the ordinary happens, the system can immediately recognize it and send alerts to your home, which helps you stay proactive in handling emergencies. Moreover, you can even receive alerts for custom activities. 

For instance, whenever there is an unexpected power cut or if your business closes earlier than usual, you can stay on top of business operations. And even when the alarm system isn’t triggered, you can still watch over your commercial building remotely. This can help you stay aware of business activities even with the alarm system being disarmed. 

A Central Hub for Managing Access Control 

Alarm.com also features access control. With a single press of a button, you can remotely grant or restrict access to a person remotely. The most convenient option of all is that you can manage multiple locations from one interface. 

The system lets you employ codes that implement varying levels of access control throughout your business. Besides remotely managing access, you can also let your employees enter specific locations using mobile credentials. 

Gain Peace of Mind with Professional Monitoring Services

While having a smart surveillance and access control system in itself strengthens commercial security, it is still important that an expert eye monitors your security features. 

Instead of trusting a patrol security guard that can potentially sleep on the job, especially after business hours, you can outsource monitoring services, where a team of highly skilled professionals monitors business security systems to ensure the system remains operational and emergency situations can be handled quickly and effectively. 

It gives you peace of mind that your business is safe and under constant surveillance of trained experts. From preventing crimes to protecting your employees and business, professional monitoring services offer the highest level of security. 

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