Our Process


Our range of expertise encompasses the full range of electronic and electrical systems. We plan and design comprehensively to ensure the utmost in performance, simplicity and safety. We consider all of the details, from the size of the room and the proper seating arrangements to the selection of audio and video equipment, room lighting. Every system designed and installed by us is completely engineered on paper prior to assembly. If it can’t work on paper, it won’t work in your home. Once the initial design is complete, we review it with you to verify it meets your expectations and the needs of each member of your project team. Regardless of the size or complexity of a system’s design, detailed planning is needed to ensure a 100% functional and reliable system. With the aid of software, we develop flow diagrams and detailed layouts for the system and wiring.


Often the most scrutinized element of the process, great installation craftsmanship is the hallmark of our company. The quality of your installation is determined by the people working on your project. Our certified technicians take great care and pride during each phase of installation while treating your home and possession with respect and care. We use the best materials, tools and installation methods on every project. Particular attention is paid to professionalism in working with other trades on your project.


An essential function to the success of any project is how it is managed. A constant presence on the job site is invaluable – not only to you, but to your contractors. The behind the scenes coordination is what distinguishes our Project Managers from our competition. It is vital that the architect, designer, foreman and contractors are all working towards the same goal. Our timely and concise communication ensures everyone understands the scope of the project, their role, our role and time frames for completion.


Our thoughtfully designed and ultra-simple interfaces are created with your needs in mind. Open protocol programming language enables us to talk to systems on your terms, not how each manufacturer determines you should control their product. The programming of systems and interfaces such as touchpads, keypads, or iPads, is based solely on your individual requirements. We take your needs and create a custom graphical user interface that’s easy-to-read, navigate and use on a daily basis. No matter what the device, you’ll enjoy being in control of your environment!


Whether your project is being designed, engineered, installed or has reached completion, your satisfaction is our priority. We are committed to ensure the integrity of your systems by providing in-home service, preventive maintenance and upgrades as needed. In addition to maintaining your system, we are capable of providing service on systems designed by other companies.


We recognize how important it is that your system is always operating at peak performance. After years of development we’ve created our exclusive CYBERCare Monitoring program, which is a suite of solutions created to deliver a better experience for you.

Automation systems are dependent on a strong and reliable network connection. If the signal coming into your home is not up to par, your system will not work properly.  Monitoring internet speed and uptime allows our service department to identify connection issues.  By monitoring your system’s core network devices our team can spot and correct potential errors before they become an issue.