3 Ways Remote Access Control Provides Businesses’ Peace of Mind

Alarm.com allows businesses in White Plain, NY, to monitor their security and control access from anywhere.

Business owners already have so many responsibilities to juggle that they shouldn’t worry about their office security. That’s why businesses in White Plains, NY, and the Hudson Valley choose Alarm.com as their go-to access control system because of its unique platform and the ability to control your business’ security from anywhere. Alarm.com is the premier integrated security system for business owners looking for an easy way to control who has access to your building and ensure your office is secure at all times.

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Designed for Businesses Large and Small

It doesn’t matter if you have one office space or multiple locations across the country. Alarm.com’s access control system is designed to keep your office space and employees safe. Alarm.com’s Enterprise Dashboard can show every location with just one view on the Alarm.com website or mobile app. Businesses can automate their rules to fit their needs, like turning off a door’s alarm after the first employee swipes their badge. Additionally, companies can automatically generate reports to keep track of their business security. 

A Simple Access Control System 

Keys and other standalone access solutions are overly complicated and outdated. With Alarm.com, you can manage who has access to your building through one integrated system. Users can be added or removed within seconds on Alarm.com’s mobile app or website. Do you need to give access to multiple employees at once? You can add users in bulk and even set employees’ access to expire on a date and time. And if you have specific areas that require increased security or different access control settings, you can monitor those simultaneously.

Control access and security from anywhere in the world

Your business may be in White Plains, NY, but with Alarm.com, you can be anywhere and remotely control your White Plain business through a mobile app or website. For example, you can lock and unlock doors through the app or website. When someone rings your doorbell, you can see live video, talk to whoever rang the doorbell and buzz them in. If an alarm is set off, but it’s a false alarm, you can turn it off right in the app. In the case of an actual burglary or other emergencies, your security system will save up to a year’s worth of video that you can share with the law enforcement authorities and insurance companies.

Your Commercial Security Partner

Are you ready to secure your business with an access control system that you can monitor remotely? Cyber Technologies is the local Alarm.com dealer and installer for business in the White Plains, NY area. Contact us here to discuss a system that works for you.