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How Motorized Window Treatments Can Brighten Your Life

Soak up the Sun in Your Home with Lutron’s Smart Shading Systems

Nobody wants to live in a cave! That’s why homes without windows aren’t very popular – if even on the market. Instead, buyers look for homes that have an abundance of natural light. Once you find a space with good natural light, you want to ensure you can control it as well. Opening and closing shades and curtains can be a hassle, and sometimes it’s much easier to flip on a light switch than to open all of the window treatments in a room. 

However, motorized window treatments remove the need for messing with cords and rods to adjust your blinds, shades, and curtains. In addition to their ease of use, motorized shades can improve your well-being by increasing the natural light in your Millbrook, NY, home. Discover more below!

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Benefits of Natural Light

Natural light has proven benefits to your health and well-being. For example, natural light helps our bodies produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary for developing and maintaining strong bones and teeth, and it lowers a person’s chance for certain health conditions like heart disease. Your skin absorbs Vitamin D through sunlight, which you can get when exposed to natural light outside or inside.

Do you find that your mood changes with the weather? It’s normal to feel like you have less energy on dreary, rainy days and more energy on days when the sun is bright. The more sunlight you’re exposed to during the day, the more likely you will feel better mentally and be more productive. 

Your mental well-being directly impacts how well you sleep at night too, and natural light exposure improves your sleep patterns. In fact, as the light fades in the evening, the lower light triggers your body to produce melatonin, a hormone that promotes relaxation and a restful sleep. 

Embrace Natural Light with Lutron

So, allowing more natural light into your home can improve your health, mood, and sleep. Also, natural light removes the need for artificial light, saving energy and money. However, it’s easy to forget to open the blinds in the morning and a hassle to go around and close them again at night or when you need a little privacy.

Lutron motorized shades allow you to introduce natural light to your home conveniently. Lutron shades integrate with the rest of your smart home system and can be controlled from anywhere. You can open or close all your home’s shades or shades in specific rooms at the touch of a button. 

Did you know your shades can operate automatically as well? By integrating your Lutron motorized window treatments into your smart home system, your shades can open and close on a schedule. The shades open as the sun rises, allowing you to wake with the sun as your natural alarm. Keep the shades open throughout the day and feel the benefits of natural light on your health. Then, as the sun sets, the system closes the shades so you can enjoy your artificial lighting and privacy.  

Planning to leave for the day or go on vacation? Set your shades to close when nobody is home and open them again when you return. If you’re away, remotely open and close them, so it appears that someone is home for increased security.


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