Enhance These 3 Rooms with Motorized Shades

Discover how automated window treatments will add convenience to your lifestyle 

Lutron motorized shades partnered with a Savant home automation system add beauty and convenience to your lifestyle. If you are thinking of installing shades in your home, you might be wondering where to start. While we recommend installing motorized shades in every room of your home for optimal convenience, if you are looking to try it out before investing in a whole-home installation, several rooms would significantly benefit. Learn three rooms that will be enhanced by motorized shades in your Rhinebeck, NY home. 

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Your Bedroom 

Your bedroom is where you go to unwind and let your guard down, so it should also be a place where your smart technology conveniently responds to the push of a button. Motorized window shades are a perfect fit for your bedroom. Schedule your shades to slowly open when your alarm clock goes off in the morning so that you wake up gradually to sunlight. Lutron motors are whisper-quiet, so there is no need to worry about being awoken from the sound of them opening. Program them to stay open throughout the day to reduce your reliance on artificial lighting and save energy, then have them close when it gets dark to protect your privacy as you get ready for bed. 

Home Theaters And Media Rooms 

Lighting can make or break your home entertainment experience. Whether you have a dedicated media room or a luxury home theater, automated window treatments should be an essential component in your design. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting settled in for your favorite movie only to become distracted by glare on the screen. Motorized window treatments make it easy to remove any glare: tap a button on your smartphone or remote, and your shades will close, creating the perfect cinematic atmosphere for movie watching. You won’t even have to get up from your seat. Create a specialized “Movie Night” scene in your Savant system that lowers your projector screen, closes your shades, dims the lights, turns on the air conditioner, and starts the movie all with the press of a button. 

Home Office 

Home offices have become more prevalent in the past year as remote work has become the new normal. Crafting a productive space in your home allows you to focus and succeed at your job. Prevent an afternoon slump with natural lighting that energizes you. Schedule your motorized shades to automatically open in the middle of your workday when you are feeling most tired. Partner your window treatments with smart lighting from Savant that uses color temperature and intensity to increase your productivity. Enjoy the outdoor views and sunlight all afternoon or tap a button to close the shades if the view becomes too distracting. 


Motorized shades are best installed by a professional. Save yourself the headache of a potentially costly DIY and contact Cyber Technologies for your smart technology needs. For homeowners based near Rhinebeck, NY, call 845-223-1628 or contact us here to discuss your future project.