3 Key Places to Install Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Illuminate your property in Cold Spring, NY, with beautiful lighting from Coastal Source 

There are many benefits to installing landscape lighting throughout your property. Increase curb appeal and your home’s value with beautiful light that illuminates key parts of your home. Encourage safety by lighting pathways, so no one trips after dark. Create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion with advanced control. But where should you place your lights to achieve these goals? Read on to learn three key places to install outdoor lighting fixtures in Cold Spring, NY. 


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Patio Lighting 

Patios are the perfect place to host outdoor gatherings with your family and friends. Craft a welcoming atmosphere with a landscape lighting design that makes it easy to socialize and relax even after it gets dark. Install wall-mounted nose lights from Coastal Source throughout your patio (and choose from five different finishes for a design that blends in seamlessly with your space) for a subtle light that is perfect for drinking a glass of wine and listening to your favorite playlist. Coastal Source lighting will illuminate walls and steps to ensure that everyone is safe when moving around after dark. Lip lighting fixtures will brighten any small and hard-to-reach places like railings, rafters, and columns. 


Pathway Lighting 

Coastal Source path lights provide subtle light and weatherproof construction that will add style and function to your space. Path lights are perfect for your stone paths, steps, front driveway, and any other vital pathways that people frequent at night. Choose from two different sizes of mushroom hats, china hats, double-tiered hats, hammer hats, and a variety of different finishes for greater personalization options. All Coastal Source path lights are constructed of solid brass for a durable and beautiful landscape design. 


Throughout Your Property 

Coastal Source MR16 Hanging and Tree Lights create down-lighting that naturally cascades into your backyard. Installation is made simple with a Uniball Tree Light design that requires only one screw to hang. Compact Coastal Source Niche Lights can decorate your pool and garden with a flexible, micro design for versatile installations. Install the Coastal Source Wash Light in small shrubberies or on the side of your home for unparalleled light output and uniformity. Finally, brighten your yard with classic bullet lights that are artfully arranged for a stunning effect. Available in both the MR16 and MR11 sizes, these bullet lights are made of solid brass for optimal durability and can serve a wide variety of needs. Easily adjust your lighting with proprietary, built-in control options for convenient and easy control of your landscape lighting. 


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