Enrich Your Outdoor Entertainment Space With These Upgrades

Discover how outdoor speakers and televisions will bring your favorite media outside

Now that summer is on the way, homeowners are preparing to use their outdoor spaces. Adding smart technology is one way that you can enhance your experience outside. Outdoor speakers and displays will bring all of your favorite movies outside. A professional integrator will make the installation process easy. Keep reading to learn more about upgrading your outdoor entertainment space in Rhinebeck, NY.


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Outdoor Speakers

Indoor speakers are not made to function outdoors; they rely on the acoustics of an enclosed space and are not strong enough to withstand strong weather conditions. Homeowners that try to use a Bluetooth speaker outside or install a few speakers along the home’s exterior will be disappointed with the performance of their audio system. We recommend trusting a professional with the installation so they can select the best brand for your space and ensure that the speakers are placed correctly.

Sonance’s Landscape Series is one of the most trusted systems in the audio-video industry, including satellite speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers for a scalable system for future expansions. Integrators install the system in AV distribution blocks with a set number of speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers and then evenly spread them out around the perimeter of your property for an even sound. Because the speakers face inwards toward your property, you will not bother your neighbors with the sound. Your audio-video integrator will work with you to customize your AV system to the unique needs of your property so that you get high-quality and even sound.

Coastal Source is another leader in the outdoor audio industry. Offering simplistic style and high-quality sound, you can choose from 2-way models, 3-way models, and miniature models that blend in with the foliage or near your porch. Bullet speakers offer crisp directional sound and rock speakers will disappear into the natural design of your yard. All models are designed to handle the harshest of weather conditions and are water-resistant for use by the pool.


Outdoor Televisions

Our favorite brands of outdoor television are SunBriteTVs and Seura, which are crafted specifically for outdoor use. SunBriteTVs come in three options so that you can pick the best for your needs. The Veranda Series is the full shade option perfect for patios, porches, and sunrooms that offer up to 50% brighter than indoor TVs. The Signature 2 Series is meant for partial sun locations such as pergolas and partially covered decks; it is three times the brightness of most indoor TVs. Finally, the Pro 2 Series, created for full sun areas like poolside and outdoor seating areas, is four to six times brighter than most indoor TVs and is protected by a tempered glass shield. SunBriteTVs come with a warranty for outdoor use.

Seura televisions are also built for outdoor use. An award-winning industry leader of luxury outdoor TVs, Seura televisions use Adaptive Picture Technology to automatically adjust the TV’s backlight brightness and other vital settings to ensure that you always see the best picture while outdoors. Choose from 43-inch to 75-inch models for shaded areas and 55-inch to 86-inch models for sunny areas. The Ultra Bright models offer 1000-nit brightness for a best-in-class performance.

All outdoor models are weatherproof against snow, rain, insects, and humidity, and they use weatherproof cable connections. All models can also withstand extreme temperatures. All models feature built-in heaters that allow the TVs to function at temperatures as low as -40 °F. Even when they are turned off, the heating system will work to protect the screen from damage, meaning you can leave it outside all winter.


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