Protect Your Business With An Business Security System

Remotely monitor your property and grant access to employees and delivery people in Garrison, NY

Every business should have a security system to protect from theft, prevent fraudulent insurance claims, and evaluate critical business operations. A security system is meant to make your life easier, not harder. That’s why you should invest in a system that is easy to use while still offering a full selection of features. is one of the most trusted brands in both residential and commercial security. Keep reading to learn how an business security system will protect your business in Garrison, NY.

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Surveillance Systems

Surveillance is easy with an business security system. Install image sensors throughout your space that snap pictures when motion is detected and send you an alert when there is suspicious activity. Cameras in the front of your business will record and live-stream HD video from the app and display multiple views from a single intuitive dashboard. You can also jump to a specific clip when investigating an incident. Indoor dome video cameras provide 360-degree visibility of the essential regions, whether conference rooms, storage rooms, or lobbies. All your footage will be stored on the cloud to access it when you need it.

Access Control Systems makes it easy for you to monitor who has access to your business. Manage employee permissions and add or delete users when you go through personnel changes. Restrict sensitive areas to only upper-level employees and receive notifications every time a location is accessed. Every employee has a unique lock code, so you know precisely whose code was used. When there is an unauthorized activity, you can trigger the alarm and pull up your security camera footage to view what is going on. Commercial-grade locks protect your property both inside and outside, whether in offices, delivery doors, and stock rooms. Remotely unlock doors for delivery drivers and lock them after the delivery is made.

Integration Made Simple makes it easy to upgrade to the latest smart security technology. easily integrates with various hardware providers so that you don’t have to replace your locks or upgrade to expensive on-site hardware. The installation process is made simple with the support of local service providers for top-quality customer service. No matter the size of your team, has multiple access plans for you to choose from to efficiently manage your business solutions.

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