What Happens After My Security System Catches Something?

Don’t Panic. Your Alarm.com System Has It Covered

You’ve heard that a home security system can keep your property safe from intruders and porch pirates. But how does it actually work?

Imagine you’re in bed and you hear an alarm go off downstairs. Or perhaps you’re out of state while you receive a mobile alert from your security cameras. What happens next?

Here’s what you can expect with an automated home security system like from Alarm.com in your Millbrook, NY property.

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1. Motion Is Detected

Your house’s motion sensors and security cameras will catch activity without any delays. To avoid accidentally reporting on your own family or the mailman every day, add Alarm.com’s video analytics services to distinguish who or what is in the frame.

Cameras will automatically ignore anyone who frequently visits your home but will know the difference between a visitor lingering too long in place. Cars passing by won’t set off your system, but an unfamiliar parked vehicle may trigger a notification.

2. You’ll Receive A Notification

Whether a door is unlocked, or suspicious backyard behavior is caught on camera, your Alarm.com system will alert your phone or tablet. It can even tell you specifically which door or window was opened and can remind you if something was accidentally left ajar.

3. Check Footage

If you think, “That’s strange,” to an alert you receive, you can immediately check your security camera from the same app. Alarm.com systems can also control your smart LED lighting, so if it’s too dark to see your outdoor cameras, you can turn your lights on in one tap. Or install motion-activated lighting, catching any intruder in a stream of light.

If you see something potentially dangerous? Lock all your doors right from the app and call the authorities. Thanks to your smart system, you won’t be too late.

4. Missed the Alert?

Alarm.com cameras allow for continuous recording so that you can capture video 24/7 in high definition. You can look back on footage from earlier in the day and provide it to the police. Plus, while you’re away from home, alarms and flashing lights can instantly activate, letting the neighborhood know something is wrong. You can take it a step further with an alarm monitoring service, in which a live operator will verify your alarms and notify the authorities if you cannot.

Is it time to increase your home security? If you’re located near Millbrook, NY, Cyber Technologies is your local Alarm.com dealer and installer. Contact us here to discuss a system that works for you.