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Why Business Security Systems Need Remote Monitoring And Access Control

Alarm.com makes it easy to manage who has access to your property in New York

A security system brings you peace of mind when running your company. In Poughkeepsie, NY, and beyond, many businesses trust Alarm.com as their go-to security company because of its stellar reputation and intuitive interface. However, one aspect that sets Alarm.com apart from the competition is the ability to remotely monitor your Hudson Valley property from anywhere globally and manage who has access. Read on to learn why your business security system should include remote monitoring and access control.

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Remote Monitoring

If your alarm does go off, you can easily pull up live and recorded footage using the Alarm.com app to see what is going on. If it is a false alarm and nothing on the live feed looks amiss, you will be able to tell the monitoring station remotely. If there is an emergency, like a burglary or a fire, you can rest easy knowing that stored video files can easily be shared with the authorities and your insurance company through your cloud-based security system.

The Alarm.com app can even send reminders to facilities managers or business owners to arm the alarm system at specified times. For example, if someone forgets to arm the system after closing time, you will receive a notification and will be able to arm the system remotely with just a tap!

Access Control

Many businesses give their employees keys for access, but these keys can easily be copied or stolen, especially if an employee is let go from employment. Smart locks and card readers are a much safer and cost-effective solution for company security.

Every employee will receive a personalized keycard or unique user code that gives them access to the building. On the Alarm.com online platform, you will be able to see when each code is used, so if there is unusual activity or attempted property access after business hours, you will know immediately! If an employee does leave the company, you can easily revoke code or card access privileges without having to chase them down for their key or change the door locks. Or, if you are having contractors or guests onsite to work on a special short-term project, give them access to your commercial property for the length of the project.

Depending on the nature of your facility, there might be certain areas that necessitate additional security because they require additional safety training or contain sensitive information. With a business security system from Cyber Technologies, you can add access control to these essential areas, too.

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