Gain Unmatched Peace of Mind with Commercial Security

Protect your business from a wide variety of threats in Poughkeepsie, NY

In your daily operations, ensuring the security of your business might not be at the top of your mind. After all, there are so many other things for you to keep track of. But you can offload the work of protecting your property and assets by working with a professional security expert to install a smart business security system. Whether you need to upgrade your current security system or install an entirely new one, Cyber Technologies is here to help you every step of the way. Keep reading to learn how a commercial security system from will bring you peace of mind in Poughkeepsie, NY.

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Intrusion Detection offers a scalable, streamlined solution for businesses of all sizes with advanced intrusion detection technology. Easily arm or disarm your system using the app, or automate it with card swipe rules or set business hours. Enjoy reliable commercial property protection with automatic arming that detects if your property is left unarmed after hours and automatically arms it. Even when the alarm is disarmed, you can monitor open doors, unexpected activity in a restricted area, and more with round-the-clock property awareness. In addition, if an alarm is triggered, you will instantly receive a video alert so that you can decide whether it is a false alarm or not with a simple tap of a button.

Access Control

Cloud-based access control gives you unprecedented control over who has access to key areas of your business. Whether you run a small business with one entrance or a large company with multiple locations, intuitively manage your system with an interface that integrates both alarm and video services. Assign unique codes for every user, and add or remove access from the app or website in seconds. You can even add hundreds of users at once or set expiration dates for access cards or codes, simplifying access for larger businesses. For example, is there a delivery person at the door downstairs? Instead of hiring someone to watch the front door, reduce overhead costs by locking, unlocking, and buzzing doors open from anywhere in the world using the mobile app. Speak to the person at the door with a video doorbell, let them in, and then lock the door behind them. If there is ever a problem, tap an access history event to watch the corresponding video.

Intelligent Surveillance’s commercial-grade stream video recorder can store up to 12TB of video and use HDMI-enabled live view and playback, offering a 24/7 local video storage solution. OpenEye, a subsidiary of and a cloud-based video management platform, integrates with so that you can easily move between interfaces and sync event data. There is no need to comb through hours of footage manually. Instead, use keywords to search for important events and instantly jump to them in your video timeline. 24/7 monitoring gives you peace of mind that your cameras are recording through video health reporting and alerts. Detect when people and vehicles enter your property and get instant alerts of trespassers or other unexpected intruders after hours. can even improve the efficiency of your business operations. Business Activity Analytics reveals business insights that will help business owners manage customer flow and optimize operations.

Protect your business and streamline business operations with a security system that is intuitive and comprehensive. Cyber Technologies is your local dealer and installer. Contact us here to discuss a system that works for you.