Savant Home Surveillance Systems Protect Your Home

Integrate your Savant system with a Ring X doorbell for a complete security solution 

Homeowners rely on their security systems to protect their families and properties every day, but as technology develops, the need for a smarter system becomes more important. Do you trust your current surveillance system? Enjoy one-touch control of your technology, monitor your home no matter where you are in the world, and easily communicate with people at your front door with a smart surveillance system. Gain peace of mind with a system that you know will keep your family safe. Learn how a Savant home surveillance system with a Ring X doorbell will protect your home in Garrison, NY. 

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Video surveillance allows you to view your entire property, including key entrances, the garage, windows, and the pool area, from one centralized location. Whether the weather is calm or stormy or if it is day or night, see everything in crystal clear, high-resolution detail. Pull up a live feed with just a few taps and access archived HD recordings for reference. You can even customize your alerts to focus on vehicles, animals, people, or areas of your property so that you only get alerts to what matters most. Using a Ring Video Doorbell or front door camera, get daily video clips of your children getting home from school while you are at work, and easily talk to visitors through a quick call on your camera. 


Partner your surveillance system with smart locks to further manage the security of your home. When your video doorbell detects movement and alerts you to an incoming package, speak to the delivery person through the two-way camera and unlock the door, so your items are safe from porch pirates. Did your kids forget to lock the door on the way to school? No problem! Open up your smart security app and lock all of your doors with a quick tap. The same is true if you are winding down after a long day. Lay down in bed and secure your home without having to go door to door. For truly hands-off control, schedule your smart surveillance system to do the work for you! Set your alarm system to arm and your doors to lock when the house is empty, and unlock automatically as you pull into the driveway. 

Integration With Savant 

For a fully comprehensive smart home, install a dedicated home automation system that controls all of your home’s technology, from your lighting, motorized shades, climate control systems, audio-video components, and more. Savant security systems integrate with the Ring X for enhanced security and convenience. The Savant interface is intuitive and offers customizable notifications, entry call access, and embedded Ring video. In addition, compatible Ring X products have a sleek and modern look for a device that is elegant and user-friendly. 


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