3 Technologies You Can Control with Savant Home Automation

Integrate all the devices in your home with a centralized control system

One of the fastest growing trends in the past several years in homes is smart technology. Home automation systems make it easy to manage all your devices from a centralized interface. Savant is among the most trusted brands due to its intuitive user interfaces and luxurious experience. Read on to learn three technologies Savant home automation makes easier to control in your Millbrook, NY home.

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Lighting is one of the most used technologies in our homes, yet many people only ever turn their lights on and off. Savant makes it easy to control every fixture both inside and outside your home from a single centralized location. Adjust the color and intensity of your lighting based on your activities, needs, and mood throughout the day! Your home automation system will automatically change the outdoor lighting based on the amount of light outdoors to ensure that your property is always well-lit while also saving energy.

Climate Control

Climate control can be incorporated into your system to keep your home at the perfect temperature, ensuring that you are never too hot or cold. Instead of having to get up to turn on your heater or air conditioner, your smart thermostat will automatically adjust based on the weather outside, your preferences, and your daily routines. For example, if you are at work during the day, your thermostat will remember that and go into an energy-saving mode to reduce your usage. You can even manage your thermostat remotely! If you are coming home from work early, you can turn on the heater from your phone, so you come back to a comfortable temperature! Save money on your energy bills and enjoy complete comfort.


Not many people know that you can control your smart appliances using a Savant system! As more devices become connected to the internet, you can easily manage your washing machine, coffee machine, dishwashers, and more from a single interface. Receive an instant alert when your dishes are clean or your laundry is ready from the Savant app on your phone.


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