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Protect Who You Love with a Home Security System

Let Cyber Technologies Take the Stress Out of Protecting What Matters the Most

Home is your sanctuary. It’s a place where you return after a long workday to relax and rejuvenate yourself. It’s where you hold space and community with family and friends and where you truly feel at peace. Unfortunately, protecting your home in the Hudson Valley can seem like a full-time job unless you have a robust security system that provides peace of mind while guarding your valuables and loved ones.

For your property in Rhinebeck, NY, or the surrounding areas, Cyber Technologies is your home security system specialist. Keep scrolling below to learn three essential aspects of a security and surveillance installation you must consider to be fully protected from the unexpected.

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Surveillance Cameras

Imagine seeing what’s happening everywhere on your property without physically being there. With a well-designed security system featuring high-performance surveillance cameras, homeowners can remotely view live and previously recorded surveillance footage with the simple tap of a finger on a smartphone or tablet from across the globe while they’re on vacation or while they’re cozy in bed. 

Motion detected by any surveillance camera will notify you immediately via push alert or text notification so you can take a peek at what’s happening on your property. Many advanced surveillance cameras also include AI-enabled capabilities that are intelligent enough to decipher the difference between passing cars and suspicious vehicles or animals versus people. And if you’re unavailable to view footage for yourself or miss an alert,’s remote monitoring station will have you covered.

Perimeter Coverage

Having motion sensors installed along your property’s perimeter and at windows and entryways adds an extra layer of protection. Motion-activated lights protect entries, garages, and sheds from burglars and vandals seeking a dark target in the middle of the evening. Video doorbells give you the opportunity to speak to anyone approaching your patio or ringing your doorbell, too. With these protections, you’ve got excellent perimeter coverage.

Whole-Home Integration

Instead of learning an entirely new technology system when you add or upgrade your home security system, you can utilize your existing home automation and control system to manage all of the details. Our security team can program customized scenes that integrate smart devices and security features. For example, press the ‘Goodnight’ button to dim the interior lights, illuminate your home’s exterior, arm the alarm system, and lower every motorized window treatment for additional privacy. Security is at your fingertips!

Your Home Security Partner

Contact Cyber Technologies today for protection that adds peace of mind and protects your valuables and loved ones. For a free, no-obligation security consultation on your Hudson River Valley property, fill out the contact form at the bottom of our website or chat with us below. We can’t wait to hear from you.