Secure Your Property With A Home Automation System allows you to control your smart technology and protect your home easily 

A smart home brings convenience to your lifestyle. Easily control your lighting, motorized shades, audio-video components, climate control systems, and more from one centralized interface. A smart home system can also help you to protect your home and family from harm. When you work with a dedicated smart security system that combines high-end surveillance with effortless automation, you will gain unmatched peace of mind. Read on to learn how a home automation system with security features will protect your Cold Spring, NY home. 

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Seamless Integration integrates seamlessly with your home’s smart technology to create a convenient and secure lifestyle. Adjust your lighting, control your home’s temperature via the smart thermostat, or close your motorized shades from a single centralized interface. And securing your home has never been easier. Disarm your system with just a tap of a button, get alerted when someone is late to lock up and rest easy knowing that your HVAC system will shut off when there is a fire or carbon monoxide leak. Your system will also shut off your water if it detects a leak or flooding. 

Custom Scenes 

Further the convenience of your system by creating custom scenes that activate a sequence of predetermined actions with just the tap of a button or a voice command. Use the app from a smart device of your choice or a touchpad. For example, create a “Sleep” scene that arms your security system, adjusts the thermostat, lowers the shades for added security, locks the doors, and turns off your lights. Never worry about whether you remembered to lock the doors before bed. Create scenes for a morning routine, going on vacation, or hosting a dinner party. Personalize your scenes to the unique needs of your family for a truly customized experience. 

Unmatched Security 

Your system brings both home automation and high-end security. Your system will protect every inch of your property with 24/7 monitoring and instant notifications in the event of an emergency. Access your video surveillance feed from anywhere in the world and control your system in seconds. And your alerts aren’t limited to a crisis. Create a curfew for your teenagers and receive a notification when they come in late or set a no-show alert if they don’t come home at a particular time. 


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