Peace of Mind Starts with a Smart Home Security System

3 Home Security Technologies That Make Your Home a Safer Place to Live

Between work, family, appointments, and life’s necessities, it’s easy to forget security basics at your home. Did you lock the front door or arm the security system? And what happens when you’re away from home? With an ordinary home security system, you won’t be able to check up on your property at all if you’re on vacation. However, smart security keeps your property and your family safe 24 hours a day. It has all eyes and ears on your home in Garrison, NY.

New systems are robust, advanced, and intuitive. From smart doorbells and locks to advanced motion sensors and HD cameras powered by artificial intelligence, your home security system creates a virtually impenetrable fortress. Learn how these three security technologies put your mind at ease.

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  1. Smart Cameras

The future has arrived! Put aside any thoughts you have about bulky surveillance cameras that capture grainy images. Today’s products offer high-definition video, night vision, face recognition features, and even thermal imaging. And yet, it gets even better. Most smart cameras are powered by artificial intelligence (AI). So, they can distinguish between a man in the yard and a stray dog. In fact, they know the difference between a family member and a stranger.

With smart cameras, you no longer need to be concerned about intruders entering your property or things that go “bump” in the night. Your cameras don’t miss a thing. Highly advanced motion sensors pick up threats from far away and send you messages if they occur. You can also create certain “rules” that prevent false alarms. When an actual incident is triggered, an alert is sent to you immediately.


  1. Video Doorbell

Think of the video doorbell as your own personal doorman. Not only does it work like a traditional doorbell, but it’s got a brain! When someone rings your doorbell, you can view a live video feed to see who it is. Then, press a button on your smart tablet or smartphone to answer it – whether you’re at home or miles away.

Best of all, even if no one rings the doorbell, it will know if someone is there. Much like a smart camera, it keeps a lookout for intruders and sends alerts when someone breaches an invisible barrier you set. So, any porch pirates that try to steal your packages get their pictures taken! You can also let them know you’re watching by talking to them.


  1. Automatic Locks

It’s easy to forget to lock your doors. Smart locks offer a smart way to make up for your mistake. They let you lock them remotely. After leaving your house for work or running errands, check your smartphone for an update on the security of your home. If you forget to arm your security system or lock the doors, it’s easy to do it from your phone. The same is true if you’ve gone to bed for the evening. In addition to adjusting your smart lighting or motorized shades from the comfort of your bed, you can also lock all the doors in your home.

Like many smart systems, your automatic locks and security systems can do all the work for you. Once properly programmed, they’ll lock the doors and arm the system when the house is empty (or everyone’s in bed) and unlock and disarm it when you are home. It’s a modern way to feel safe and secure.


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