A woman is fast asleep with her smartphone next to her.

3 Ways Home Automation Enhances the Quality of Your Sleep

Integrate the right technology, and enjoy a night of restful sleep!

Sleeping is an essential part of keeping your heart, body, and mind healthy. By getting enough rest, you can reduce the risk of serious illness, improve your learning and memory, lower your stress levels, boost your immune system, improve your mood, and enhance your overall wellness.

In today’s world, however, it’s so easy to get distracted by stimulating content on our smart devices that sleeping problems become the order of the day. Did you know that technology can help you sleep better? With a smart home automation system, you can adjust your surroundings to create the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep in Rhinebeck, NY. Keep reading to learn more about these outstanding technologies!

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Lighting Control & Motorized Shades

Creating the right ambiance for peace and relaxation has never been so easy. By simply pressing a button, you set a “sleeping scene” that turns off the lights in your common areas, closes your shades, and dims the lighting in your bedroom to a warm color temperature that helps you wind down before bed. Now everything around you is set for the perfect relaxing night. 

Climate Control

Setting the right temperature is a key element in creating a comfortable environment. A room that’s too hot makes it difficult to relax, and a cold one makes your teeth chatter. You need a room temperature that is just right!  With our climate control solutions, you can set your thermostat and even program it to adjust during the night as you see fit. 

Distributed Audio

If you are still having trouble sleeping after adjusting your lighting and climate, we are sure you’ll be fast asleep after using our high-quality speakers. Whether you choose a soothing playlist or ocean sounds, you can let high-end music immerse you in a world of relaxation.

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