Create the Ultimate in Entertainment with the Latest Outdoor Audio & Video Systems

Today’s Technology Delivers Pristine Sound & Crystal-Clear Images

These days, backyards are an extension of our homes – spaces where we relax and enjoy time with family and friends. In fact, due to today’s technological advancements, many homeowners now spend almost as much time in their outdoor areas as they do inside their homes. One of the systems that has transformed this living area is the outdoor audio system.

Let’s explore what today’s advancements in audio and video offer homes in Cold Spring, NY, and the great Hudson Valley.

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The Latest in Outdoor Audio

Today’s outdoor audio systems have dramatically changed the way we listen to music and the possibilities in our outdoor spaces. We no longer rely on under-eve speakers or sound systems that produce excessive noise in one area and barely heard audio in another.

The latest high-fidelity speakers offer high-performance audio that rivals indoor systems. Despite the open air and lack of structure that contains sound, strategically placed speakers and in-ground subwoofers deliver perfectly even coverage and incredible sound quality.

Our certified technicians place satellite speakers that resemble landscape lights throughout your space and perimeter, directing the sound in such a way that it creates audio that fills the air. No matter what you’re listening to, whether your favorite playlist, vinyl, audiobook, or sporting event, you’ll hear the same precision in sound wherever you are in your yard.

The Entertainment Space

Many of today’s homeowners want a complete entertainment experience. To accomplish this, we create a space with the ultimate in audio and video. You can bring the cinematic experience and the premier game day to your patio or cabana with a designated outdoor TV. These TVs are designed to withstand the harshest environments, including snow, rain, saltwater, and dirt.

They offer the same 4K QLED and HDR technology that produces vivid colors and crystal-clear images. In addition, some screens are designed for full-sun exposure and utilize powerful anti-glare technology, creating displays that bring full brightness even in direct sunlight. Other TVs are designed for partial or total shade with ambient light sensors that dim and brighten the screen depending on the level of light.

Total Control 

When you integrate your outdoor audio and video with your smart home system, you experience unprecedented ease of living and home management. You can control your whole-home audio-video system from one user-friendly interface, whether a touchscreen, tablet, or remote.

Play the same music throughout your home and yard when you’re entertaining. Then, when the kids are ready for a break from the adults, they can head to the media or game room and use the same platform to control their video games. In fact, lighting, climate, entertainment, and security can all be controlled from the same interface.

Setting up different zones in your distributed audio system allows your family and friends to listen to their favorite playlists, podcasts, CDs, or TV shows simultaneously.


At Cyber Technologies, we focus on automated home solutions that are personalized for your home and lifestyle. We partner with best-in-class brands that stay on the cutting edge of technology, continuing to defy what we once thought possible. To learn more about outdoor audio-video and home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Cyber Technologies today.