A surveillance camera perched on the corner of a building with tree leaves in the background.

5 Signs of a Strong Camera Surveillance System

Cover the Bases to Keep Your Business Safe

If your camera surveillance system is lacking or outdated, you shouldn’t wait until a robbery or incident occurs to take action. We help enterprises in the Hudson River Valley and Millbrook, NY-area protect their properties with intelligent, proactive surveillance systems that catch suspicious activity before it’s too late.

How do you know if your security system is up to the task? Look out for these five signs.

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You Have the Latest Equipment & Software


Today’s video analytic technology is smart enough to differentiate people, animals, vehicles, and objects. Analytics allows you to swiftly search through hours of footage for specific identifiers, like a blue shirt. Intelligent cameras from brands like Axis Communications and Alarm.com ‘know’ not to notify your system with false alarms, so you can always take alerts seriously. 


Cameras Sync to Other Security Devices 


Security systems are more efficient when they’re easy to manage, so we recommend using a smart system that controls cameras, alarms, door locks, intercoms, access control, and lighting—all from the same interface. Devices can communicate with each other, prompting automatic responses from the system.  


You Store Footage on the Cloud 


Physical hard drives are susceptible to theft and damage and quickly run out of storage. Cloud systems allow you to safely store, and back up, footage off-premises, and encryption protects the system against cyber-hacking. 


Your Team Can Remotely Access & Monitor Cameras 


You should be able to retrieve and view footage anywhere, anytime, whether that’s on a phone, tablet, or desktop computer. An all-in-one smart system provides the same interface across all your devices. 


You Receive Routine Maintenance & Updates 


Before hiring a security company to install your camera system, ensure they provide support services and maintenance. Security devices and networks can be unpredictable, so it’s crucial to have support should anything go wrong.


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