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How Motorized Shades Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Experience the comfort and convenience of motorized window treatments

If you want to reduce your home’s energy consumption, consider adding motorized shades to your home. The smart shading system can be operated using convenient remotes from anywhere, making them much more convenient than conventional window treatments. It allows you to enjoy total control over the amount of sunlight that enters your home. 

The sophisticated design of these shades ensures your home stays comfortable, secure, and, most of all, energy-efficient – all with the tap of a button or icon. Read on to discover how adding motorized window treatments to your home in Garrison, NY, or the Greater Hudson Valley can reduce your overall power consumption. 

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Works in Sync with the Lighting System

The primary source of illumination in homes is the lighting system. But why use artificial light sources when natural daylight is available to you for free? 

Simply raise the shades during the daytime with a press of a button and allow sunlight to stream into your home. This way, natural light becomes the primary source of illumination during the day. Of course, as the day progresses, you might require different levels of lighting. So, to overcome this issue, you can sync the lighting and shading systems at home. 

Adjust the brightness levels of the lights based on the sunlight that enters your home. At reduced brightness, the lighting fixtures consume less energy, and you won’t even need to use the lighting system as much. This way, your home’s energy bills can be significantly reduced with motorized window treatments. 

An intuitive system, such as Lutron, allows you to streamline the operation of lighting and shading systems with convenient and sophisticated remotes and wall mounts. 

Makes Your Climate Control System More Efficient with Insulation 

Another way a smart shading system helps increase energy efficiency at home is by adding a layer of insulation. The motorized window treatments can maintain your home’s temperature, making the climate control system use less energy to cool or heat throughout the year. 

In summer, the UV-protective and light-reflecting shades lower to block out the excessive heat from the sun, which helps to lower the temperature of your home. As a result, less energy is required by the HVAC system to cool. Similarly, the shades utilize natural sunlight’s warmth in winter to increase the indoor temperature. Consequently, the climate control system doesn’t need extra energy to warm your home. 

An added plus is that the shades can be customized to match the aesthetics of your home, making them suitable for every home. 

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