A man uses his phone to access an office with a smart lock system.

Top Reasons You Need a Smart Lock System for Your Commercial Space

Keep your business safe and sound with our top-notch smart lock systems!

Protecting your business, customers and personnel is now easier than ever with smart lock systems. This outstanding technology allows you to keep full control of your commercial property, preventing theft, vandalism and more. Keep reading our blog to learn how our smart lock systems can help you secure your Fishkill, NY business.

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Get Rid of Unsafe Traditional Keys

With smart lock devices, such as keycards, pins or biometric technology, you can enjoy an unparalleled level of protection in your commercial space; not only because you get to fully control who can access your different areas but also because you can instantly deactivate codes and electronic keys if they ever get lost or stolen. With these unique devices, worrying about unwanted visitors is a thing of the past!

Keep Track of Who Can Access Your Spaces

In some businesses, you need to leave some areas completely open, so everyone in your building can come and go while still keeping some rooms completely private. 

For example, a school needs to leave almost every classroom available for students. Still, the teacher’s lounge, the principal’s office and labs with expensive equipment should probably be kept for authorized personnel only. On the same line, you may want your staff to have full access to some rooms but not others. A smart lock system allows you to track who can entry which spaces and effortlessly give access to your team to the spaces they need.

Lock Your Entire Building at Once

Managing every area can be quite challenging if you have a large building. However, with a smart lock system, you can instantly lock every door in your facility by simply pressing a button on a user-friendly app. 

At Cyber Technologies, we are committed to helping you keep your business and team secure. Are you ready to integrate world-class smart lock systems into your New York commercial property? Contact us today to learn more!