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Elevate Your Business with Camera Surveillance and Monitoring Services

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As part of’s network of authorized service providers, Cyber Technologies is thrilled to offer our clients access to their comprehensive services. is a pillar in cloud-based services for smart homes and business security and can boost your Millbrook, NY, camera surveillance system when it comes to around-the-clock monitoring. 

The Cyber Technologies team is happy to assist if you’re interested in for your business. Keep reading to discover how our camera surveillance systems tie in with and how we can keep your business safe 24/7.

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Stellar Services 

As a certified provider, we can’t talk enough about and the comprehensive security services they offer. They offer a wide range of features, from intrusion detection to automation options, and we’ll break those down here.   

Access Control

Want to keep track of who enters your building and when? You can! With’s access control, you can monitor who enters your building and when, what entrance they used, and easily lock out unauthorized people from places you don’t want them to go.

Intrusion Detection

If you’re worried about a break-in, don’t be. offers robust intrusion detection featuring automatic arming if it detects your property is vacant, remote control and video alerts, and functionality even when the alarm is disarmed.

Energy Management features an Energy Management tool that helps users reduce their energy consumption, managing solutions like smart thermostats and lighting control and providing tools to monitor energy usage. It’s an incredibly efficient way to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your company’s utility bill. 


What’s convenience without automation?’s intuitive automation service allows its users to control various connected devices. These controllable features could include smart locks, lights, security settings, and more, all easily operated from mobile devices or a web browser.

Monitoring Services from

The video monitoring service available from Cyber Technologies through is a powerful tool for commercial security. Check out the benefits below!

Remote Access

Accessing live and recorded security camera footage from anywhere in the world is a must-have for business owners. With constant monitoring, you can always keep an eye on your business, whether you’re out running an errand or on an extended vacation.


We can offer alerts in real-time from’s video monitoring service, sending a notification if your security cameras detect any suspicious activity. Because of this, you can respond quickly to potential security threats. 

Enhanced Security

Video monitoring is an effective deterrent when it comes to intrusions or trespassing. In case of a security breach of your business, video footage and 24/7 monitoring will offer valuable evidence and information to law enforcement. 

Employee Monitoring

Monitoring employees can benefit business owners by deterring internal theft and various types of employee misconduct, improving overall safety and security for everyone. 

Implement Video Monitoring Today

Are you ready to give your business complete monitoring services, even after hours? Cyber Technologies and can provide comprehensive video surveillance, ensuring you always know what’s happening while you’re away. Contact us for further details!