A surveillance camera oversees a garden.

3 Reasons You Need to Add Home Surveillance to Your Property ASAP

Keep your loved ones protected at all times with our home security solutions! 

No matter how many smart home technologies you add to your property, the ultimate luxury lifestyle is always feeling safe and protected. If you want your family to enjoy the comfort and peacefulness of a safe home, adding security solutions such as a home surveillance system is a great way to start. 

Keep reading our blog to learn why you should add these security installations to your Garrison, NY, home ASAP! 

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Protect Your Property from Anywhere

One of the best features of modern home surveillance systems is remote monitoring. This technology allows you to check live and recorded footage of your home by simply pressing a button on your smartphone.

Never Miss an Important Moment 

While being able to monitor your home remotely is certainly a perk, many people get so caught up in their daily activities that they forget to check on their home or simply lack time to do it. If this sounds like you, no worries! 

Our surveillance systems are equipped with video analytics that notifies you only when suspicious activity occurs, so you are always aware of what’s happening at home. 

Share Your Footage with Ease

In the event there is a real threat at home, allowing law enforcement to see your footage can make it significantly easier to identify any suspects. With our cloud storage technology, selecting and sharing the right footage with authorities is completely hassle-free!


At Cyber Technologies, we want to help you feel safe, happy, and at peace in your home. Are you ready to add the ultimate home surveillance technologies? Contact our team today to learn more.

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