Why You Need Professional Home Networking Solutions

Increase the speed and reliability of your connection by partnering with an expert

Our homes are more connected than ever. Our smart technology includes lighting control systems, motorized shades, smart security solutions, streaming devices, and more. The more devices you connect to the internet, however, the more bandwidth you use. Prevent the lag and unreliability that comes with connecting too many devices by upgrading your network equipment! Discover the benefits of bringing professional home networking solutions to your Cold Spring, NY home.

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A professional home network technician will carefully assess your property to ensure that you have wireless connectivity that is reliable and fast no matter where you are at home, including potential problem areas like outdoor entertainment spaces. The unique layout of your rooms and the specialized needs of your family will also play a role. For example, if you work from home and regularly video conference with coworkers or clients in your home office, your children attend school online in the kitchen or living room, or you have a dedicated home theater where you regularly stream 4K movies and TV shows, each of these spaces will receive special attention. These high-use areas might benefit from wired connections to reduce latency and ensure reliable streaming. A professional installer like Cyber Technologies can even install an enterprise-grade solution from manufacturers like Araknis to improve reliability and speed.

Mesh Vs. Traditional

Mesh is a fantastic choice for retrofit projects as it doesn’t require that you open the walls to install wiring. Traditional routers use a single, centralized access point and a single gateway to access the internet. Mesh networks, on the other hand, are decentralized and use multiple nodes to provide web connectivity. This results in a networking system that reliably covers a large area without incurring the inconvenience and costs of a wired system. Our team likes to work with eero products when installing mesh systems. eero is a renowned mesh system produced by Amazon that uses TrueMesh technology to adapt to your needs.

Keeping Your Network Secure

An updated network from a professional will also be more secure than one that is outdated or out of the box. More information than ever is online, and a secure home network will protect you from potential cyber-attacks. Personal information that can lead to your identity being stolen, banking information, and more, are all points of vulnerability. If you work from home, there is also the added potential of your company’s data being targeted, and any data breaches would put your livelihood at risk. A home networking expert will use advanced network encryption, robust security software, and firewalls, and secure passwords to prevent unwanted intruders from accessing your network and stealing sensitive data.

We are here to help you with all your home networking needs, whether you want an eero mesh system or an enterprise-grade Araknis setup. Call Cyber Technologies at (845) 223-1628 or fill out our online contact form to start your project today!