Image of a tablet propped open on a desk with shots of various areas within the home, a home automation surveillance solution.

Cyber Technologies Is Your Smart Home Automation Company

Discover Who We Are, What We Do, and Why You Want Us in Control of Your Next Home Automation Project

Expertise is crucial when choosing a smart home automation company, and we have plenty at Cyber Technologies. If you want to bring the convenience of automation to your Millbrook, NY, home, working with a professional is the only path to take, from consultation and design to installation and support. 

We’ve worked hard to earn a favorable reputation among our clients. Keep reading to learn more about who we are, what we do, and why you should work with our knowledgeable team in the future! 

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Who Is Cyber Technologies?

Cyber Technologies is a New York-based company that serves automation and smart technologies to businesses and homes in the Hudson Valley and beyond. We take pride in our tailored installations, ensuring our clients receive the solutions they want, just the way they want them. 

With security, networks, lighting, climate, entertainment, and more, Cyber Technologies will personalize your office, home, or commercial facility for easy control from your smartphone or network device. We help people revolutionize their homes, creating a luxurious, convenient sanctuary worthy of every second you spend in it. 

What Services Do Cyber Technologies Offer?

We provide unparalleled assistance in installing, integrating, and maintaining smart home devices, solutions, and systems. You can expect a consistently thorough process with us every time, including:


We’ll determine your needs and preferences and recommend what we think will work for you. 


We’ll install your smart home devices, ensuring they’re set up and working correctly before we leave, troubleshooting along the way if necessary.


Cyber Technologies can integrate your various devices into one seamless system. We’ll help you control them from a single app or interface, making your life easier in less than a day. 


Our team will customize your automation systems based on our consultation and how you utilize certain areas of your home. Your preferred automations might include turning on and off lights, monitoring your security cameras, or adjusting your thermostat. We’ll discuss what you truly need for your home and make it happen accordingly. 

Support and Maintenance

What’s a smart home automation company without maintenance and support? Cyber Technologies will continue to manage and upgrade your home system, ensuring it’s always up to date with the latest technology. We want you to thrive in your new, automated space, and we’ll be there to help as needed. 

Work with Our Team Today

Our clients are always our priority. When you work with Cyber Technologies, we guarantee expertise, quality products, customization options, integration capabilities, customer service, and a stellar reputation.


We’re laser-focused on creating a home automation system that meets your needs and exceeds expectations. If you’re ready to work with a smart home company that covers all the bases, contact our team today! We can’t wait to get started on your next project.