IT Systems for Restaurants & Retail Stores in Poughquag, NY

CASE STUDY: McKinney and Doyle

Located just 99 minutes north of Manhattan, McKinney and Doyle Fine Foods Cafe and Bakery are nestled in the quaint New England Style Village of Pawling. The storefront cafe and bar serves serious American cuisine in a not so serious atmosphere. Their Bakery offers a wide selection of ‘from-scratch’ homemade pastries, danish, cookies… you name it.

Shannon McKinney and Brian Doyle, graduates of the Culinary Institute of America, opened The Corner Bakery in 1986 and the response was overwhelming! In 1991, McKinney & Doyle moved the bakery two blocks into the village of Pawling and opened The Fine Foods Cafe. A 120-year-old brick building was chosen as the new location to house both shops. Accolades from the New York Times, Zagat Survey, Food & Wine Magazine and others pushed the small cafe into the limelight, and in 1997 the cafe was honored by the Wine Spectator Magazine as having one the finest wine lists in the world, a distinction it has kept ever since.

Cyber Technologies was brought in to design and install the Security Cameras for McKinney and Doyle’s ever-expanding food enterprise. Nothing makes a manager or owner more content than to be able to watch over their entire operation while relaxing at home. Curious to see if Mr. and Mrs. Walsh are properly handled by the hostess? Need to see if the prep line is using the new heirloom tomatoes you dropped off in the morning? Hmm, let’s check what’s happening in the parking lot. Or at Table 6.

Beyond ensuring proper service, our Security Cameras can learn visual patterns and with our networks, contact you if they detect movement after hours, or a stranger at the back door. Security Cameras are also a great window into your business during a storm; or if an alarm sounds, you can see if it’s real or just a false notice.