A truly smart home starts at the front door – literally! We recommend equipping your home with smart locks that provide keyless entry. With a smart lock system, you can lock and unlock your door with your smartphone. No more searching for the house key or making endless copies at the hardware store. Since you have a unique ‘ID’, your smart lock knows it’s you. The system can then trigger other connected home features like security alarm activation or deactivation, lights, temperature changes, and entertainment.

One of the most important benefits to a smart lock is that you can be notified when a loved one gets home. In fact, you can get a log of everyone that enters and leaves when they pass via a smart locked door. That’s just the beginning. Since smartphones are the ‘key’, each person can have their own access codes. You’ll be able to grant visitors keyless entry to your home directly from a smartphone app. Their code is temporary and expires in a short time. You’ll also know if your door is both closed and locked and receive alerts when your door is unlocked or slightly ajar. Now we’re talking smart home!