Every day, companies struggle with the nightmare of lost keys, key tracking, high security key systems and the expense of re-keying access points. Innova offers electronic access control tools that reduce maintenance man hours, increase facility security and provide management with easy-to-use tools to not only control who has access and when but also create an audit trail of when employees, cleaning crews and delivery personnel have come and gone.


CTGR was frustrated by poor service from a previous vendor and had a hodgepodge of disjointed and antiquated security systems that were not user-friendly. They wanted a vendor that could provide easy-to-use systems, provide training and management that made their jobs easier, and ideally, save money. Their needs included Intrusion Security, Fire Alarms and Electronic Access Control systems.

First, we created a plan to replace all their existing systems, unifying every building with the same hardware. With over 20 buildings spread across Tribal Lands, creating a unified system was critical so that administrative staff could manage them all from any central point. This included linking multiple buildings together under a single Fire Alarm Account using fiber connections from Fire-Lite Systems. This saved on account monitoring fees over time, and made for simpler management.

Additionally, we replaced all their antiquated Access Control systems with a web-based (www.avigilon.com) system that was reliable, easy-to-use and remotely manageable.

Most importantly, we focused non-proprietary equipment. Innova has always promised our clients ‘non-proprietary’ service that is unparalleled in our geographic regions. This means that the Tribes may choose to use any other alarm dealer with the equipment we installed. Too many competitors use proprietary equipment to make ‘switching’ too painful for their clients. We don’t play that game and our clients can feel the difference.