With laws all over the country allowing marijuana growth facilities and dispensaries to be treated as businesses, it’s time for them to be protected like businesses, too. Innova can help protect your marijuana facility from employee theft and burglary with dispensary, grow and medical marijuana security systems that will keep you and your business feeling secure.


Marijuana/Cannabis operations need a service provider they can rely on and trust. When dealing with the OLCC and OHA regulations, your security vendor has to know the code and implement solutions that will keep you in business. This is why Marico Farms trusted Innova NW with their operation. Innova NW takes the time to learn the OLCC and OHA regulations as they change, to keep the customer informed but also to make sure the right products are utilized for securing the properties, now and in the future. We support our customers in helping them complete their security documents during the OLCC application process as well as during regulation updates. From intrusion security to integrated Electronic Locks, Access Control and Video Surveillance, Innova NW keeps Marico Farms up to date, protected, and they know should any problem arise, we will be there to keep their business going.

Assistance with OLCC/OHA Documentation

Intrusion/Security Systems

Cloud Storage

24-7 Monitoring

Electronic Access Control

Guest/Employee Access Tracking