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Wireless Lighting Control NYC - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Wireless Lighting Control NYC

It’s late at night. You’ve had a long day at work and everyone else is already asleep. You’re just beginning to doze off, comfortable in bed when you realize someone left the lights on in the den downstairs. You know that if you get up, you’ll wake up, and then you’ll have trouble falling back to sleep, which means you’ll be groggy for work tomorrow. If only there were some way to turn those lights off from the comfort of your bed.

Welcome to the future, where wireless lighting control is a thing of reality. It is a rapidly spreading trend in homes all over NYC. Soon enough, wireless lighting control will be found in households throughout the country and eventually the world. Some estimate that home automation systems in Europe will spread 30 fold within the next two years.

With wireless lighting control, your life will be made easier and safer than you ever thought was possible. Below are just a few of the many benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Energy-efficiency/save on energy bill: We are in a world of diminishing energy and this is an unfortunate but very present reality. Consider this. Would you really get up and go all the way downstairs if you had to turn off that light? Cumulatively, how much money and energy would you say you waste yearly from leaving lights on before either going out or going to bed? The Savant wireless lighting system has an energy monitoring feature, so you will be aware at all times whether you are being wasteful and to what degree. Think of the money you could save if all you had to do was press a few buttons from your bedroom to shut down the entire house at once.
  • Security: Wireless lighting control can also help you protect your home when you’re away. The latest in security systems, namely the Control4 Operating System 2.8, manages your lighting and shades when you are not in the house. This makes it look to burglars as though you’ve been home the whole time, all the while remaining energy conscious and turning off automatically in a timely manner, effectively conserving your energy bill. Moreover, the Lutron lighting system has a similar feature. The only difference is that with Lutron you are able to control and manage the lights yourself from outside your house. So if you’ve ever had any concern or suspicion, you need only turn the lights on from where it is you are at the moment.
  • Less headache with maintenance: With leaving lights on comes changing lights out. Leave a bulb on enough times over night for long enough and you’ll not only have a hefty electricity bill, but you’ll also have the chore of changing the bulb many times more often than if they were automated.
  • Be more productive: Don’t underestimate the power of ambience. A bright white light versus a dim yellow one can make all the difference. With wireless lighting control, you’ll be more likely to take control of the dimness or brightness of the room, thus allowing you to be more productive during the day while also making it easier to relax at night.

Are you living in the NYC area and are interested in having your own system installed in your home? Don’t wait. Invest today to experience the luxuries of tomorrow. Call us now at 845-233-1628, or email us anytime at for your very own automated wireless lighting control system in NYC.

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