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Why invest in NYC fire alarm testing? - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Why invest in NYC fire alarm testing?

New York City Fire Alarm Testing

Why invest in NYC fire alarm testing?

Not even two weeks ago, a woman died in a fire on Valentine’s Day in a private Brooklyn residence. The fire consumed all three stories of the building. The following day, another fire, also engulfing the entirety of a three story building was set ablaze in the nearby neighborhood of Greenpoint at the edge of Queens.


There were about 140 firefighters on scene for both of the fires. No deaths or injuries were reported following the second fire, but there was high concern due to the one from the previous day. It speaks toward a need for better New York City fire alarm testing.


There were reportedly 1.7 million calls due to fires in New York City in 2015, killing 59 people. In 2014 there were 71 people killed in New York City fires. According to Mayor de Blasio, this shows the quality and efficiency in the city’s fire department, as despite the record breaking number fires, deaths nonetheless have decreased.


He has a point, and we should all feel eternally grateful for the men and women who put their lives on the lines for our safety when we’re not equipped to do it ourselves. The low number of deaths does indeed show that New York City has the best firefighters we could possibly ask for, and we should all be proud of the fact that the death toll is so low despite there being so many fires.


But this doesn’t excuse the fact that we would prefer to be setting records in more positive ways, like, say, for the fewest number of fires in a year. Not the most. Why is this happening and what can be done to fix it? For starters, Mayor de Blasio should take up the responsibility of having tighter inspections all throughout the city. As shown from the record number of fires this year, this would most certainly prove to be a worthy expenditure by the city.


For those not willing to wait around for the city to come check if everything is fully intact, and that there aren’t any lingering fire hazards in your home, we offer New York City fire alarm testing for the right price.


At Cyber Technologies, your safety is our priority. We will install the very best in home surveillance systems installation, NYC quality home security, and more. We also specialize in a number of other home automation installation services. So while we’re making your home optimally safe from fires, intruders, and other, we can also set your home up to be the most luxurious and livable place on the block.


Home automation is taking the city by storm. Become a part of the future and get your own audio video systems. NYC residents and Americans in general all across the country are taking advantage of these privileges. If you think you would be interested in something like this, give us a call at 845-223-1628 or contact us on our website. Let’s see how we can make your life easier, and more importantly, safer than ever before.

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