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Why You Need The Latest In Smart Speaker Tech - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Why You Need The Latest In Smart Speaker Tech

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Why You Need The Latest In Smart Speaker Tech

Before we examine the immense quality of the latest in audio video systems, NYC viewing and listening luxuries, and the future of relaxation, all of which can easily be installed by Cyber Technologies, let us first dial back the clocks ever so slightly so we can take a moment to appreciate the evolution of speaker technology.


Remember not so long ago when each time you wanted to show a song to guests or roommates, you would have to carry your speakers downstairs to the living room, all the while balancing ever so carefully between transporting the physical speakers and not allowing the plethora of wires to be caught on any number of obstacles en route? And then, let us not forget about afterward, when you’d want to fall asleep to your favorite sleepy time band while you tune out the world, but would have to go through that same nightmare of a process all over again taking those speakers back upstairs.


Remember that? Well, that whole issue is no more. In fact, for those who have stayed up on the latest in speaker tech, it hasn’t really been a thing for some time now, as wireless speakers have been on the market for years. The next problem was the signal. Take a speaker far enough away from its source music player and you were sure to encounter interference. Many considered it so bad that it was hardly even worth buying.


Then came the Sonos wireless speakers, which connect to your smart mobile device and operate off wifi. Sonos made it so you could take your speakers to any room in the house at your own convenience and enjoy premium quality sound, no matter your location. They were also one of the first companies to let you add multiple speakers to your set up, allowing an easy, do-it-yourself surround sound experience.


One of the great advantages of smart audio video systems, NYC home automation systems in general, and other technologies in this field, is that software updates allow for an inexpensive evolution of the products without having to make pricey new purchases. Over time, Sonos added wifi streaming of your favorite music services, including Tidal, Spotify, and several others.


The original Sonos speakers were almost perfect. The only real issue was its shape, which limited where in the house it could be placed. But with the new Sonos Play:5, hardware updates allow you to place it upright or on its side without having any impact on the quality of the sound. Now you can place the speakers anywhere you like. The new speakers also provide deeper bass and the full set has six speakers and three custom built sub-woofers for a fuller surround sound experience.


As you can see, we’ve come a long way in a short time when it comes to audio video systems. NYC residents should flock to the latest, and we can easily install it for you in no time. For more information on how to get your very own Sonos Play:5 speakers to compliment your audio video systems in NYC, call us today at 845-223-1628 or contact us online anytime. We look forward to hearing from you.

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