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Are we on the verge of the smart home revolution? - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Are we on the verge of the smart home revolution?

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Are we on the verge of the smart home revolution?

Smart homes are just a small part of what fills the space of IoT. The Internet of Things is the broader category in which smart homes belong. That being said, people are asking if the smart home revolution is about to happen. However, we should be asking if the IoT revolution will actually reach a new level.

Whilst many companies are developing IoT devices and new smart home solutions to make our lives easier, the truth is that although many IoT technologies have been slowly incorporated into our daily lives, we haven’t fully embraced IoT – and thus smart homes – as a society. And in order to do so, the truth is that the IoT players will have to step up their game, if they want us to adopt these technologies to make them into the norm.

It’s undeniable that IoT and smart homes can be incredibly convenient and even cost efficient in the long run. Picture this: as winter gets harsher, coming home from work means that you’ll have to wait a considerable amount of time until your house warms up and you can get rid of the several layers of clothes covering you. If you want to avoid the waiting, you can just simply leave everything on all day so it’s already warm by the time you get home. However, this might send your utilities’ bill through the roof.

But what if you could access your home’s thermostat from your laptop at the office or from your mobile phone? IoT allows you to remotely access basic functionalities of your home, henceforth saving you time, money and inconveniences. However, at this stage many devices and solutions are still prohibitively expensive for many people.

Nevertheless, 2018 will open with many promises of more affordable systems and devices, not to mention friendlier interfaces and more intuitive ways to operate said systems. There are several companies – old and new– out there who are developing more and more affordable smart home solutions for the market.

These smart home systems are no less than intelligent technologies that are used to automate some of your home’s everyday functionality. You can turn the lights on and off, control your thermostat, lower your shades and so on. Whether you control it manually from your phone or another network connected device, or if you program everything to operate automatically on specific dates or at specific times of the day, the ways in which a smart home can make your life easier are many.

As smart home devices become cheaper, and the need for IoT devices increase, so does the demand for these solutions in the current market. Nonetheless, many people still feel skeptical about the capabilities of IoT and some of them feel scared about the security implications this might have, but let’s not forget that IoT and smart homes also include full security systems with CCTV, automated alerts and many other things may come in handy during emergency situations.


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