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Outdoor Audio Systems from Cyber Technologies--Systems Integration Specialists
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Upgrade Your Green Space with an Outdoor Audio System

Upgrade Your Green Space with an Outdoor Audio System

Spring is finally upon us and that means it’s time to dust off the barbecues, bring out the patio furniture and prepare for the outings that everyone looks forward to. This spring add a custom and classy flair to your outdoor space with an audio system integrated right into your patio or backyard.

So what exactly is an outdoor audio/video system? An outdoor audio/video system is a series of speakers, sub-woofers, and satellites that speak to one another remotely in the area surrounding your house. The purpose of this system is to provide an outdoor sound quality experience that is state of the art with perfect coverage anywhere outside. With the Sonance Landscape outdoor audio systems designed and installed by Cyber Technologies your outdoor space can be fully optimized for an outing of any size.

The area surrounding your home is for socializing and as those warm summer nights are just around the corner, considering how you entertain guests is a relevant and pressing issue. If you have hosted a barbecue or a pool party before you know that guests are outside the entire time. With that being said, you need an aesthetically pleasing and responsive audio system that won’t look like you just set a boombox on the patio.

The Sonance outdoor audio systems used by designers at Cyber Technologies are incredibly adaptive and suit your needs from top to bottom. For example, if you want a system you can leave outside and not worry about it being ruined in those harsh thunder storms we have a solution. The speaker-rocks are disguised as granite or brown sedimentary rocks and are completely durable and corrosion free. They sit in your garden or around the pool and blend right in with the existing environment. A very cool and classy touch is easily added when guests are wondering how the sound quality is balanced everywhere and no speakers or wires are in sight.

The experts at Cyber Technologies have been integrating systems like these for over a decade and are well equipped to handle the design and implementation. Understanding that you don’t design a sound system everyday, and working with our clients as individuals helps take your property to the next level of functionality and responsiveness.
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