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Turning your vacation rental home into a smart home - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Turning your vacation rental home into a smart home

smart vacation home

Turning your vacation rental home into a smart home

Owning a second home can be stressful especially when you use it as a vacation rental home. You want to make sure your second home is safe, but you can’t always be there.

A home automation system can give you control over your vacation rental home so that you never have to worry about its security again. This makes it easier for you and your renters as well.

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Having your rental vacation home automated also gives you a strong selling point and advantage when renters are considering where to stay during their vacation.

The following are just a few ways turning your vacation rental home into a smart home can benefit you.

Climate control

Keep your guests happy and comfortable by adjusting the temperature automatically when they step inside. Not only will you make your guests happy and willing to return again, but you will also be saving energy.  You can get the perfect climate control system with Savant or Control4.

Lighting control

Set your home automation system to turn off lights in empty rooms. Since guests are not always conscious of saving energy, you can still reduce your energy consumption while you’re away by remotely controlling lighting. Savant, Control4, and Lutron all offer intelligent lighting systems.

Security alerts

Keep a virtual eye on your vacation rental home while it’s empty and you’re away with a home automation system. You can install surveillance cameras both outdoors and indoors, set up motion detectors and notifications to let you know if someone is at the front door and if there is movement near your home. If you need to let someone in when you’re not home, you can simply give them a temporary access code or unlock the door from your smartphone.

Set up “mockupancy” scenes

It has been proven that thieves are less likely to break into a home if they suspect someone is inside. But what if you’re away from your home? There are several home automation systems such as the one Control4 offers which gives you the ability to set up a “mockupancy” scene that will turn on the lights at different times to make it seem like there are people in the house.

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