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Turn Your Home into a Cinema with a Fully Functional Home Theater - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Turn Your Home into a Cinema with a Fully Functional Home Theater

Turn Your Home into a Cinema with a Fully Functional Home Theater

Home theaters in the past seemed to be only for the super-wealthy or those with an excess of space in their homes. Nowadays with the technology readily available and prices dropping, home theaters are more affordable than they have ever been. A home theater for your residence has many different elements to consider such as sound systems, lighting control, seating options and of course a DVD or video payer.

The team at Cyber Technologies has carefully crafted several unique and different home theater options that fit any budget or home style. These are great for those looking to add a home theater right in your living room, or basement. Of course if you are not looking for a set option, we offer custom floor plan design and planning methods for your custom home cinematic experience. Our home theater designs use lighting methods and video components which are cost-effective and award winning. These are guaranteed to turn your home movie watching into the most pleasurable experience it can be.

A key component of a successful home theater is in the integration element. And this is where Cyber Technologies excels. For example, soft lighting is key for a cinematic experience, and you need to be able to dim the lights according to whether you are watching a blockbuster movie, or using the room to entertain guests. We design and install lighting systems with our partner products so that your lighting can be controlled remotely from a control center or your handheld device. So dim the lights from your iPhone just as the movie is beginning. Never before has such an interactive and functional home theater system been this customizable.

For those seeking a larger home theater system, at Cyber Technologies we use Draper projection screens. These projection screens are ideal for a medium or large residential home cinema upgrade. The screens use either electric or manual pulley systems to drop down onto a wall and show your feature presentation. With a wide variety of mounting options customized to each particular wall or ceiling, a drop screen delivers a quality experience with options to suit needs across the board.

As for the audio systems in your home theater, these present a valuable opportunity to capitalize on the options that Cyber Technologies has available. Audio integrated into your home theater zone can be as simple as a few speakers at key target points around the room, or as complex as in wall speaker systems that are flush with your home and so well disguised you will forget they are there. Audio System integration gives you the freedom to craft your own home theater system and decide how cinematic to make your personal living space.
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