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Top 5 Reasons for Switching to IP Security Cameras - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Top 5 Reasons for Switching to IP Security Cameras

Top 5 Reasons for Switching to IP Security Cameras

In today’s crazy world anything can happen and video surveillance is not only important but is also a necessity. It’s key in combating shrink, loss and liability but what some of us don’t know is that video systems aren’t all the same and learning the difference between IP Security Cameras and Analog based camera systems will be decisive in knowing what to expect from your video surveillance system.

Having an analog camera system is useful when it comes to different lighting conditions because they’re able to handle them and manage motion quite well. But as far as picture quality, an IP based system is clearer which is what we all look for, better picture quality. And now with IP Security Cameras with 3megapixel resolution, you’ll feel like you’re watching HD TV while keeping an eye on your assets.The following are the top 5 reasons for why you should switch to IP security cameras if you haven’t already.

User-friendliness and Lower Cable Costs

If you’re familiar with a computer mouse and how to use it, you can use IP video. This video system has an easy to use menu that makes all of experts upon using for the first time. IP systems also have lower priced cables for your convenience. Analog cameras require 3 cables (audio, video and power) for each camera while IP cameras transmit all three on just one single network cable!

Higher Resolution and Chances to Grow

IP cameras now come with a resolution of 3 megapixels that are digital from end to end providing images with up 25% better resolution than their analog counterparts. The future also looks good for IP camera systems considering that IP gear is easily updated for new compatibility as technology advances.

Intelligent and Reliable

IP systems are equipped with on-board processors that analyze real time events and are set up to alert us about any and all suspicious activities on the premises. They also know when to overlook benign situations and are only predicted to grow as time progresses. Compared to analog systems, IP systems are paired with advancements in today’s computers which means they have years of evolution on them that are proven to provide reliability.

Unlimited Coverage Areas and System Integration

IP data is basically computer data in the sense that it travels the same way. Computers may communicate with each other from anywhere in the world by means of the internet and similar to that, your recorder doesn’t care if you’re in the next room or on a different continent. System integration also plays a key role in IP systems because they may go hand in hand with your alarm systems.

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