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Top 5 Home Technology Trends and Opportunities - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Top 5 Home Technology Trends and Opportunities

Top 5 Home Technology Trends and Opportunities

Each year, many magazines post articles about the top trends and new things in consumer technology. This gives consumers an idea about what’s new in the industry. Opportunities can include anything from audio to residential technologies. Here are the top five opportunities and trends for 2016.

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Audio and Video Analytics

This year we will begin to see less dedicated sensors that monitor temperature, motion, smoke, and fire. The reason is because a lot of these devices can be tracked and analyzed through sound and video. Think about a world where we can monitor baby cries and gun shots. Visual analytics is “the science of analytical reasoning faciliated by interactive visual interfaces”.

DC Power Distribution

This year home automation companies will think of better ways to incorporate power and wire, because chances are that we will see more DC power distribution in the next 5 years.

4K Ecosystem

These are one of the hottest trends on the map right now. 4K Ultra video looks fantastic and the picture quality is near perfect quality.

The Front Door

It’s hard to imagine that the front door can have so much technology, but expect to see new new and exciting things in the future. Automated door locks, intercom stations, smart door bells, cameras, peepholes, face rcognition, motrized shades with doors are all things to look for in the future.

User Empowerment in Home Automation

This year we will see more user-friendly home automation allowing customers to enroll with their devices and create interfaces, turn on their security on and off and enrich their dealers through new business models.

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