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Step-up Your Security and Telecommunication Efforts with Vikings Electronics - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Step-up Your Security and Telecommunication Efforts with Vikings Electronics

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Step-up Your Security and Telecommunication Efforts with Vikings Electronics

Security and telecommunications.  These two services are always in need. No one provides these services better than Cyber Technologies through the distribution of products manufactured by the well known brand Vikings Electronics.

Viking Electronics provides more than 250 security and telecommunications related products for businesses.  Viking electronics likes to think of itself as problem solvers.  They specialize in the creation of products that are designed to fix or add unique features to outside sources such as telephone and security systems. In addition to this they also manufacture their own stand –alone telephone and security products.

Below are two of their newest and most talked about products:

Automated Receptionist:

Screening your calls has never been this easy.  Vikings AR-1 Automated Receptionist is a messaging system.  This system is designed to answer your calls with an informative greeting.  The system is very flexible allowing for numerous prerecorded messages to be uploaded to the system.  This gives your caller the ability to select different options.  Say you have a business with numerous departments and services, well The AR-1 would be perfect for you.  The AR-1 also gives your potential client the option to ring through to talk to someone live.

Setting this system up is a cinch. .  The AR-1 allows you to program its functions and recordings locally as well as remotely through the use of a touch tone phone.  The AR-1 sports digital recording as well as analog.  You can upload recordings from Tapes, CDs, PCs, etc through the use of the AR-1 3.5 mm analog audio input

Along with these messaging abilities the AR-1 can also be used for call screening.  The AR-1 can be set up with a code.  If the customer has this code they can input it at the start of the message and bypass the whole message all together.  This type of system can be used for various businesses such as restaurants, movie theaters, realtors, and banks just to name a few.  This type of system is ideal for any business that is constantly providing frequently asked information such as location, hours of service, directional information, or show times.

Proximity Card Reader with Built-in Keypad

Security is important for any business or home.  That’s why Vikings Electronics has introduced the card reader with built in keypad.  It gives you the best of both worlds in the sense that you can manually gain access to this lock by punching in a code or by the use of a proximity card.

The Model PRX-2 is designed to be mounted directly to a standard single-gang wall box.  By using two methods of access the proximity card reader doubles your safety.  You can use one or the other or be required the two methods to gain access.

The proximity card can be read from 6 inches away and operates from 5 to 14 VDC.  If you are looking for the best combination of technology and security you need not look any further than the Model PRX-2.

With Cyber Technologies as your supplier for security, home automation and integration systems you will receive nothing but the latest these industries have to offer.  With Cyber Technologies offering products from companies like Savant Systems, Nests Labs and Viking Electronics you can be sure that your home and business will be in good hands.

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