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All The Special Features Of The RadioRA 2 - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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All The Special Features Of The RadioRA 2

All The Special Features Of The RadioRA 2

The RadioRA 2 is the technology of today that will leave you at a loss of desire. As you sink into your favorite sofa, for the first time in your life, things will finally just feel right. The room will be at the perfect temperature. In fact, you’ll retain the ability to set the entire house at the exact temperature you want. The lights will be at the exact amount of dimness that fits the ambience of the movie or television show you’re watching. And you’ll have total control over the amount of sunlight that enters the room because you’ll be able to control your shades from the comfort of your seat.


If you want to buckle into a series without worrying about that annoying reflection from the sun, you can enclose yourself into the coziest movie theater-like cave by simply pressing a button or speaking into a microphone. If you’d like to take in some fresh, much needed sunlight at the height of the afternoon, you can also do so without ever again having to burden yourself with those annoying manual shades that haunted you in years past. Now, with the RadioRA 2, you need little more than a will for comfort.


The RadioRA 2’s latest feature is its voice recognition. Now, you don’t even need to click a button. You can simply speak your commands into your device. The Lutron RadioRA 2’s voice recognition software will allow you to alter the light in your room/home/office, adjust the shades, and adjust the thermostat by simply speaking your desires. All you need to do is call Alexa, your friendly Lutron home automation device, and the job will be done. All you have to say is Alexa, please dim the lights.


You can also adjust your Sonos speakers using your Lutron RadioRA 2 keypad. This way, whenever you want to lock yourself into a film with the full surround sound experience, you can do so. And if a movie happens to change volume at an instant, you can lower the sounds immediately with greater ease than any remote ever afforded you. You can also set the vibe when you have guests by playing your favorite music on the Sonos sound system while adjusting the lighting depending on the trajectory of the night.


But the most exciting feature of all is probably the RaioRa 2’s progressiveness in terms of environmental consciousness. With this technology, you will cut down on energy costs like never before. We waste all too much energy due to nothing more than laziness and forgetfulness. Few people who are negligent towards the state of the environment are bad people at heart. But it’s getting harder and harder to ignore. Luckily, with Lutron’s latest release, you can enjoy luxury without wasting heaps of energy from forgetting to turn out the lights or shut of the TV.


Want to have your RadioRa 2 Lutron home automation technology installed in your home? Call Cyber Technologies today at 845-223-1628 and we’ll be on the case in no time.

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