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Sonance’s cutting-edge commercial and residential sound solutions - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Sonance’s cutting-edge commercial and residential sound solutions

Sonance Invisible Series

Sonance’s cutting-edge commercial and residential sound solutions

Sonance is the creator and leading provider of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, offering a wide range of options for residential and commercial clients. Providing both high quality performance and design, Sonance has the ideal solutions to enhance any décor and impress guests. There are three categories of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers: visual performance, architectural series, and invisible series. All serve different purposes and fulfill different needs and tastes.

Visual Performance Series


If you are looking for visually unobtrusive, low-profile in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, look no further. Sonance’s Visual Performance Series offers a sophisticated, sleek appearance that integrates effortlessly into any space. Made with state of the art materials, the Visual Performance Series delivers optimum sonic performance. For even sound coverage, using several small speakers will deliver the perfect sound throughout the entire room and will also make them less noticeable. The Visual Performance Series also offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes to complement your home’s design. For perfect blending, the speakers feature easily paintable on-piece grilles to match your home’s décor.


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Architectural Series


Sonance’s Architectural Series design features groundbreaking design with the first perfectly even, completely trimless design that flawlessly integrates with your home’s design. This way, each speaker becomes one with the surrounding surface. With Sonance’s Architectural Series, you don’t need to compromise aesthetics for audio quality. You can now have both because with Sonance Architectural Series, speakers seamlessly integrate with your home’s design. Forget about big, visually obtrusive speakers cluttering the rooms in your home. With Sonance Architectural Design, you will have unprecedented sound quality with minimal distraction.


Invisible Series            


Sonance Invisible Series speakers are the perfect solution for your residential or commercial needs because they are completely concealed and invisibly install in almost any standard wood/metal stud wall or ceiling. This is why these award-winning speakers are exclusively used in the world’s most prestigious and renowned resorts and retail establishments. Providing sound without any visible signs of a speaker, the Invisible Series speakers are the perfect solution for your commercial or residential needs.

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