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Smart Homes Provides Opportunities - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Smart Homes Provides Opportunities

Smart Homes Provides Opportunities

Most people use smart home products for pleasure and convenience, but there are people out there who have physical deficiencies that keep them from carrying on normal everyday activities. This is one of the reason why Smart home products are so important. Smart home devices offer disabled homeowners control of lighting, climate, door locks and even AC equipment without requiring a lot of effort.

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Recently, Cybermation was called to create a project for a quaddriplegic woman that is limited to voice control only. They designed and installed an ELAN Entertainment and Control System for the homeowner. Cybernation partnered with experts Greg Elsner, Shane Halvorson and Mike Peterson to ensure that this was an indeed special project.

They made it so much easier for the homeowner to control the television, front door, lights, and Internet and telephone. This project has completely changed her life in every way giving her a new degree of independence that was previously missing from her life.  QuadMouse was responsible for the lights, telephone, front door, and electronic lock. Theisen built the mounting system that positioned the mouse, microphone and a hydration system for the owner because of her limited movability.

One of the most important aspects of the project was to create a door that provieded her easy access. Before automation, it was very difficult for her to get to the door.  Now, she can do everything in the matter of seconds. The Dragon NaturallySpeaking software allows her to surf the internet and make phone calls with Google Voice. Cybermation even created a special microphone specifically for her to recognize her voice.

They even built the Panamax M4000 Pro Power Conditioner just in case there is a power outage. This also protects other appliances from damage.

She says “the biggest benefit is the independence in being able to to control the tv and lights. I feel freedom and empowerment”.  This goes to show that smart home products are a very important aspect in today’s world. We use smart home products for everything we do. What will the future hold for these devices?

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