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According to the FBI’s official records, the average dollar loss per burglary is about $2,178 (not including the real costs of the emotional wounds inflicted in the American families that became victims of burglary)… and one American home is burglarized every thirteen seconds. While you’re reading this, about 40 homes will become the next victims of local burglars and crooks.

However, a smart home security system is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to safeguard your home against these criminals. The FBI data shows that only 1 in 250 homes equipped with a security system (even a basic alarm) will be targeted by burglars… while 1 in 3 homes (not equipped with a security system) will undoubtedly be invaded by burglars. This means a regular home is at least 82 times more likely to be burglarized than a home equipped with an entry-level security system, and that’s why it’s so important to install a proper smart home security system in your house.

5 Benefits of Cyber Technologies Smart Home Security Systems


Protect your home and your family against intruders: A smart home security system is equipped with web-enabled security cameras, intelligent lighting, motion detectors, door & window sensors, and automated locks. This provides you with a solid defense against intruders… especially when you’re not at home. In addition, you can also program your smart home to “simulate” human presence when you’re not at home (this works as one of the greatest deterrents against burglars).

Moreover, your security cameras make possible to have a live video feed that shows what’s happening inside your home at all times. You can watch the live video feed from anywhere in the world, and we’ll also keep an eye on your home from our central monitoring center here in New York. If something happens, we’ll be the first to respond.


Perimeter Alarm Systems: Official statistics show that more than 95% of burglaries involve break-in force (burglars usually break window or door locks). However, a perimeter alarm instantly alerts you when someone is trying to break into your house (it also alerts our central monitoring center and the police department).

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detection: In a regular home, a small flame needs approximately 30 seconds to become a full blown fire. However, an average fire alarm will alert you only after your house is burning and you’re surrounded by a thick black smoke. On the other hand, a smart home security alarm gives you an early warning, pinpoints the exact location of unusual sources of heat inside your house, and can also call the fire department.


Access Control: A state-of-the-art smart home security system possess cutting-edge intelligent locks you can control from anywhere in the world. Just by taking advantage of a simple smartphone app, you can open, close, and lock your doors. If you ever forget to lock your doors, or you aren’t sure if you closed your back door, then you can simply touch the screen of your smartphone to get the job done. Moreover, you can also create temporary (and permanent) “access codes” that let people (authorized by you) open your front door and get into your home. So, if you’ve hired a babysitter or a petsitter, then you don’t need to be at home to open the door for them… because your smart home does it automatically.

Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums
Another benefit of installing a smart home security system in your house is reduced insurance premiums. Since insurance companies know that burglaries in homes equipped with security systems (or alarm systems) are almost non-existent, they’ll offer a discount (sometimes up to 20%) on your monthly premiums.

Boost the Value of Your Property
Naturally, a home equipped with a smart security system is significantly more valuable than a regular home. So, if you ever want to sell your house, then you can command a higher price.

If you’re looking for a smart home security system that’ll help you safeguard your valuables, protect your family, and raise the value of your property… then you have to take advantage of Cyber Technologies superior experience and technical expertise, so you can have a flawlessly installed smart home security system that’ll work perfectly for years to come. Call (845)-223-1628 for a free consultation (and a home security assessment) with one of our automated home security specialists.

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