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Smart Home Security Analyzes, Anticipates and Reacts - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Smart Home Security Analyzes, Anticipates and Reacts

smart home security

Smart Home Security Analyzes, Anticipates and Reacts

Audio and video analytics in smart home security are growing more advanced with each day. But futurism should no longer be the driving force of our discourse. This technology is no longer a thing of the future. It is of the now and it is absolutely bananas. The technology that can now be installed into our homes does not only do what we program it to do. Rather, it listens to us on a steadily increasing intellectual level, allowing it to then analyze, anticipate and react to the various happenings of our everyday lives. Skeptical? Consider the following.


Cameras now use cloud-based processors (which isn’t all that new or interesting but certainly makes security measures a lot more effective) that recognize faces (which is new and is incredible). Imagine the implications of your cameras knowing each time a new face arrives at your doorstep. Receiving notifications of such information when you’re not at home could come in especially handy.


Thanks to thermal imaging, smart home security can detect fires early on, allowing you to put it out and prevent a far more devastating crisis. Whereas fire alarms in the past could only detect smoke once the fire was already out of control, Cyber Technologies can provide you with technology that will allow you to see the problem before it starts.


They can also count the number of people in the building. Next time you hear a commotion and suspect there’s an intruder, you need only check your security system and it will inform you of exactly how many people are in the house, even in case someone is out of sight of the camera.


If you’re still not impressed, this is where it starts getting really wild. New security cameras can detect elevated body temperature. So the next time you’re feeling under the weather but are not quite sure whether it’s your imagination, check your security system and it will let you know if you’ve really do have a fever or if you’re just looking for a reason to take the day off.


And here’s the hook to confirm that the future is really here. Smart home cameras can now sometimes detect the onset of dementia. So if you or a relative begins forgetting to do things more frequently than usual, your security system has the capacity to take note and notify you before the person becomes a danger to themselves. This technology, however, is still in relatively primitive stages.


It is a unquestionable a worthwhile investment for an assortment of reasons. No matter your circumstance, there’s no doubt that you would benefit greatly from smart home security and other New York home automation installations from Cyber Technologies. Give us a call today at845-223-1628 or contact us online anytime. You can also learn more about all of the products and services we offer if you click here.

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