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Is your smart home really saving energy? - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Is your smart home really saving energy?

Is your smart home really saving energy?

One of the alleged perks of home automation and smart houses is the immense capability for saving energy and optimize many functionalities around your home. However, for some people, it seems more like a drag because in order to make your house a smart home, they have to install far too many gadgets, which also consume a fair amount of energy.


To clarify things once and for all, regardless of how many gadgets you own, connected living will boost your energy savings. Having everything together will help optimize your home’s energy consumption.


Pairing your lights, your air conditioning and even your security and entertainment systems all together is a great way of guaranteeing a more energy efficient way of living. Further, new energy sources are available for domestic use and this can also be leveraged in the race of smarter homes and cleaner more sustainable way of living.


Solar panel can generate more energy that you can use and thanks to the newest smart technologies for solar energy optimization you could be able to have right on your smartphone all the information on how much energy you’re generating, and how to optimize and reduce your usage of it. Additionally, this system can be integrated to other pre-configured appliances to automatically turn on and off with a single tap of your phone.

You can go as far to set up your home’s heating, hot water and even the music that comes from your entertainment system. Since home automation products are all the rage right now, and many of them allow for DIY installation.


DIY security systems can be monitored from your smartphone and can be easily connected to motion sensors and several cameras, which can be controlled from your phone or laptop at home or remotely. These systems can even trigger alert if any unusual movement is detected.


Smart light bulbs, speakers, shades and even doors & windows can be easily interconnected and controlled via your home WiFi using your phone, your laptop or your desktop whether you’re at home or outside or somewhere else. Possibilities are endless and this will help you keep your home running smoothly whilst saving you money and energy.

Interconnectedness can help you and your family improve your lives, most of these systems use machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn the usual patterns of your daily lives to optimize your home’s energy consumption as well as automating certain daily tasks, which can greatly improve the way you live your life, helping you save time and even making certain daily tasks completely effortless.


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