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How Silent Knight Systems help your business - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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How Silent Knight Systems help your business

Silent Knight Systems

How Silent Knight Systems help your business

Silent Knight is a diversified technology and manufacturing leader that has been providing customers worldwide with innovative, end-to-end solutions that provide power, control, and choice since 1961. Functionality and flexibility is Silent Knight’s specialty which is why its products are frequently found in educational institutions, health care facilities, commercial complexes, retail spaces, hospitals, and government buildings worldwide. Silent Knight provides affordable and reliable solutions which is why it is a globally acknowledged brand.

Silent Knight offers addressable fire alarm control panels such as the IntelliKnight 5600 which is a 25 point single loop hybrid conventional-addressable fire alarm control/communicator system. The best of both worlds, the 5600 provides the performance of addressable technology without losing its easy to use interface.

Another addressable fire alarm control panel, the IntelliKnight  5700 is a 50-100 single loop fire alarm control/communicator system is a feature-rich system with powerful and impressive aspects such as drift compensation, maintenance alert, built-in digital communicator, and distributed intelligent power.

For conventional fire alarm control panels, you can depend on Silent Knight which delivers high quality, affordable solutions. Silent Knight provides the SK- 5208   which is a microprocessor based  control panel with integrated UL listed communicator designed for applications that requires smoke detection, manual pull stations, and sprinkler supervision. It provides convenience to the customer by utilizing an n easy to read LCD display with adjustable English readout and foolproof tactile keys.   It comes with 10 zones of initiation and can be expanded up to 30 zones for bigger applications. This system has a complete line of accessories that provide remote annunciation and auxiliary relay expansion.

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Other dependable conventional fire alarm systems include the SK-2 and SK-2E which are two zone fire alarm control panels that have the latest in microprocessor technology as well as conventional fire controls. These FACPs are reliable in fire signaling protection for small to medium sized commercial and industrial buildings.

Silent Knight not only delivers high quality conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, but also delivers emergency communication systems. The EVS-100W is a 50/100 watt amplifier which can be used to amplify audio message in order to distribute it throughout a facility. This powerful system has the capability of producing up to 100 watts of audio power and has the ability of providing an option for 50 watts of backup power.

Even more powerful, the 5820XL-EVS emergency communication system is an addressable fire alarm control panel with an integrated emergency communication system, so you have everything you need in one place. One control provides addressable fire alarm protection, voice evacuation, and mass notification. It has the capability of expanding up to 500 watts of power using distributed amplifiers. It is an intelligent system which integrates a fire alarm control panel with voice evacuation system.

Cyber Technologies specializes in systems integration, lighting control, home automation, climate control, audio/video systems and more. Cyber Technologies carries Silent knight products and has a team of highly qualified expert techs to install Scarsdale Alarm Systems, Bedford Fire Alarm Systems, Closed Circuit NY, New Canaan Security Alarms, Scarsdale Security Alarms, and Westchester Alarm Systems.


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