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Show me the Light! - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Show me the Light!

New York City Home Automation

Show me the Light!

How many times have you come across a home and have found it automatically uninviting.  Chances are it had a lot to do with the lighting that had been installed.

There may be times when darkness is desired but not when it comes to your homes facade, you always want to put your best foot forward and proper lighting does that for your home.

Cyber Technologies with their wide array of lighting companies that they sell such as Lutron Electronics,  Savant Systems and Control 4 can help you reach your goal of making your home or business welcoming to the world.

Good lighting can completely transform your home and business by creating the following:

  • Creating Focal Points
  • Illuminating Dark places
  • Creating a well lit balanced aesthetic

If you follow these tips from Cyber Technologies you will be improving your homes look in no time:

First things First:

You need to light up that entrance guys!  Yes during clear sunny days you’ll have a great view of your homes façade but come night time or during cloudy days you’re going to want to make a statement to the entrance on your home.

Surface light Fixtures:

You probably don’t even know what these are but no worries that what the experts like Cyber Technologies is for.  These are lights that are added throughout your home in a combination of recessed and surfaced lighting.  These are kind of like little accents throughout your home.

Destination lighting:

These include wall snonces, lighting on floor, as well as lighting in built-in niches.  These lightings will give a sense of direction to your visitor’s especially in darkly lit areas.

Tasks lighting:

These are appropriate lights that are used in appropriate places for appropriate jobs.  For example lighting in your study will not be the same as lighting in your washing machine room, or in your kitchen.  For these special decisions it is very important to have the help of a qualified eye such as Cyber Technologies.


Everyone always seems to forget about closet lighting.  It is essential, how many times have you found yourself wondering what kind of blue is that blazer o later find it is actually black.  Remember lighting in a closet makes it look less clunky and may even help keep unwanted pests away.

For more information on how Cyber Technologies can help you with your home automation needs contact us today for our following services:

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