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Savvy New Features of the Savant Pro 8.0 - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Savvy New Features of the Savant Pro 8.0

Savvy New Features of the Savant Pro 8.0

For those who are unaware of the Savant Pro Remote, you’ve been missing out in the latest of smart home automation. This cool high-tech tool has the convenience of a universal remote with smart home automation abilities. Although the Pro 8.0 came out earlier this year, we want to make sure potential buyers are privy to all it has to offer:

Scene creation

There’s nothing like having the right ambience in every room. The ‘fast capture’ feature makes this possible. This is a tool that allows you to register and use a room’s existing settings to save time. Although there are ample configuration options, this app makes sure to manage these settings in a way that won’t overload the user with information.

Scenes in earlier versions of the Savant remote were more difficult to access. But with the Savant Pro 8.0, only scenes relevant to the room you want to access will be shown on screen. An awesome new addition allows you to tap the power button to reactivate the last service you used, which happens when the room is off.

User control

Simple, intuitive, yet advanced – user control has never been simpler. The admin is able to organize roles and set permissions for the whole family. This means you limit your children’s activities so they can only access systems of your choice. Furthermore, guest users are able to add themselves to the network and control a pre-determined set of functions.


The new-and-improved interface has easy to use functionality and aesthetically-pleasing features. With effectively-spaced elements and a more “flattened” appearance, the navigation system is a far smoother process. The remote is also easy to hold and easy to use with just one hand. The touchscreen interface allows you to see the status of certain services from the home page. Just a single tap will get you there. You can also access sub-menus by simply pressing down one of the system buttons. Doing so will easily allow you to change or turn off settings without having to mess around with the app too much.

Voice command, personalized profiles, and the ability to work with thousands of entertainment devices are some extra features the Savant Pro 8.0 provides. For other savvy products by Savant, call our company Cyber Technologies at (845) 233-1628.

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