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Savant’s Multi-Purpose Remote Takes Luxury To New Heights - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Savant’s Multi-Purpose Remote Takes Luxury To New Heights

Savant’s Multi-Purpose Remote Takes Luxury To New Heights

What made Steve Jobs a genius was the way that he invented human necessities that no one even knew they had before Apple released its products. Such is the case with the latest in luxury home entertainment systems. You never knew luxury could be this magnificent. But once you’ve gotten your hands on the new Savant multi-purpose remote control, you’ll probably never go back. While Savant has historically catered exclusively to wealthy buyers, Gizmodo has described their latest as a “slick smart home system for the everyman”. Welcome to life made easier than you ever thought it could be.

Remember how frustrating it was when the battery would be running low and you had to point the clicker at the oddest angles in order to get the TV to listen to you? Well because the Savant remote connects to everything via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you don’t ever have to worry about where you point it again. If you want to turn on the TV, Roku Box, Sonos speakers, or any other Savant device in the house, all you have to do is press a button from your couch. If you don’t feel like pressing buttons that day, then don’t press them! The Savant remote has voice activated everything, so you never have to even look at it! The voice activation has the capacity to not only turn the TV on, but to take you to the exact channel you want to watch.

The remote mixes the best of both worlds in regards to complexity and simplicity. The bottom half is a standard traditional remote design with all the buttons in all the places that remote control buttons traditionally go. Meanwhile the top half is a multipage touchscreen through which you can flip between your AppleTV, BlueRay, Sonos, and Xbox controls.

Thanks to the smart screen, the remote will also learn your TV series preferences and prioritize them in its memory so you don’t have to waste time browsing. It will also capture your favorite scenes so you can rewatch them at a moment’s notice. And don’t worry if you like action but your housemate likes horror. The remote has multiple profiles that require a single click to sign into. So your preferences will be stored just as well as your wife’s, kids’, roommate’s, etc.

Are you having a special someone over for a movie night and are looking to set the mood? Tell it to the remote. Savant’s latest home entertainment innovation can dim the lights to match the room’s ambience to your exact mood.

Whatever you need, the Savant remote has it. And it’s only $499. It was one of the most popular items shown at this year’s CEDIA Expo last month. It could be yours. Did you find this article interesting? Are you living in the NYC or Westchester NY areas? Are you interested in learning more about the latest in technology and luxury? Check out the Cyber Technologies website to keep yourself up to date.

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