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Savant Systems Wi-Fi Lighting Control Changing the Way you Live your Life - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Savant Systems Wi-Fi Lighting Control Changing the Way you Live your Life

Savant Systems Wi-Fi Lighting Control Changing the Way you Live your Life

We have seen the word “smart” being thrown about lately, everything from phones to cars has a smart version associated with it.  One of the newest industries that truly are benefiting home owners is the Smart Home Industry.  Savant Systems has become one of the industries’ most trusted and sought after company partly in thanks to its Savant Smart-Lighting Systems.  With Savant’s Smart Lighting System you will find yourself taking a major step into what the future has in hold for the average home.

Savant Lighting Systems uses modern technology to integrate itself into your life.  Through the use of 802.11 Wi-Fi Technology, Savant Systems deals with connectivity and programming tasks.  In this day and age Wi-Fi has become the standard for communication and networking in every corner of the world.

If you are worried about security don’t fret; according to your network design you can make every keypad and lighting load as open and available or secure and hidden as you’d like.  Beyond security you are also met with savings! Savants Lighting Systems Built-in Technology saves you money by allowing for monitoring of lighting energy usage.  Some of the benefits include but are not limited to the following:


1)      Easy Installation:

Savant Lighting System features it own internal processor unlike other lighting systems that require expensive external hardware and related wiring.  This makes for a less expensive and time saving installation.


2)      Efficient Configuration:

When setting up your new system you will probably have professionals like Cyber Technologies set up and configure your system.  Savants lighting keypad is specially configured with Savant’s Smart-Connect Technology which allows integrators and dealers like Cyber Technologies to configure your system using an Apple iOS device.


3)      Reliable Connectivity:

Once you have connected the hardware Savant System supplies to existing line voltage and lighting load wiring in the wall you got yourself a device that is powerful, secure and can be controlled throughout your home from the ease of an iOS app.


4)      Energy Monitoring: 

The Savant SmartLighting Wi-Fi keypads have been created to deliver real-time energy usage data, This provides essential information to home and business owners which allows for savings in the long run.

For a more detailed look at Savant Lighting Systems contact Cyber Technologies today.  We are the go to company when it comes to dealers and integrators in the Home Automation and Smart Lighting Industry.

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